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The Queen City Welcomes You, Share It's Treasures

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FUN FACT!  Both Syracuse and Gonzaga fans can travel Interstate 90 almost directly to get to the Buffalo Sub-Regionals this Friday.  The only difference being that SU folks will travel 139 miles on Route 90 while Bulldog fans will have to drive 2,349 from Spokane.  Better load up on the Steven Seagal Lighting Bolt Energy Drink for that trip.

However they arrive, eight teams will be settling in to the plush, tropical confines of Buffalo, NY to play some basketball in HSBC Arena this Friday, and God willing, Sunday too.  They are:

West Virginia (#2 seed, East) vs. Morgan State (#15 seed, East)

Clemson (#7 seed, East) vs. Missouri (#10 seed, East)

Gonzaga (#8 seed, West) vs. Florida State (#9 seed, West)

Syracuse (#1 seed, West) vs. Vermont (#16 seed, West)

Considering the Syracuse game is officially sold out, if you happen to know anyone from those fanbases who might have an itchy salesfinger (what?), you might want to hit them up.

As you've gathered by now, the winner of those first two games will play and the winner of the last two games will play each other on Sunday.  From there, it's on to your respective Regionals (Syracuse or Salt Lake City).  There's something oddly disturbing about the fact that West Virginia could go to the Final Four all the while in Upstate New York.

Hey, you ever wonder why it's called Buffalo

The earliest name origin theory to appear in print (1825) relates a story about stolen horsemeat being passed off as bison flesh, with the site of the illicit picnic henceforth remembered as "Buffalo." 

Many remain skeptical of this origin but I truly believe this is what happened.  It simply makes too much sense that this beautiful and blessed city is named after a misdemeanor crime that involves the phrase "illicit picnic."

But I digress. All of this is just a prelude to the real main event at HSBC anyway.  Tyler Perry's Madea's Big Happy Family, live April 27th!  Be There!

I mean, Tyler Perry's Be There!