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Daily Links - Go Syracuse Bluemen!

CBS' Harry Smith Has The Worst NCAA Bracket Ever - March Madness - Gawker.TV
The Early Show shows off the jersey's of the one-seeds and all they could get their hands on was a blue Syracuse jersey?

The Best 65 Reasons To Be Excited For The 2010 NCAA Tournament | Bleacher Report
9. Syracuse guard Andy Rautins: Don't judge me, but, umm, well, I have a man crush on a Canadian.... What? You said you wouldn't judge!

Kansas too good to lose - Jason Whitlock,
For my money, Syracuse is a fraud. It’s a team that has outplayed its level of talent and got exposed at the end of the season.

Mahler’s Mondays: Method to Her March Madness |
"I won’t pick Syracuse because I don’t like their team name, Orangemen," she continued. "That’s not real! There are no orange men walking around in the world!"

Transcript: Mike Waters chats about Syracuse basketball and NCAA Tournament |
Mike Waters, basketball writer for The Post-Standard, held a live chat discussing Syracuse basketball and the NCAA Tournament.

they’ve got a sick sense of humor, but I’ll take the #1 - Cuse Country
The committee must have some kind of sadistic streak to pair us with Vermont. Not that I fear a repeat performance from 2005, but the amount of flashback highlights we’re going to have to endure is not something I look forward to. And there’s no payoff in this, because I don’t care that much about getting revenge when we’re talking about a team like Vermont.

Five Reasons SU Won’t Make the Final Four - Cuse Country
And for those who are going to accuse me of being a downer in the aftermath of our first #1 seed in 30 years, I say ease up. The companion post to this one, with the reasons that the Orangemen will make the Final Four, is on its way tomorrow.

Three Idiots on Sports: NCAA Tournament - the T Shirt!
While I don't have a problem with them peddling merchandise, it does seem to have a Mel Brooks like quality to it at this point......

Wes Johnson, all class.