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The MRI results are in and it sounds like best-case scenerio has been acheived.

Arinze Onuaku had an MRI taken of his right knee this afternoon. It was determined, based on the MRI, that he has a right quadriceps injury. He has begun receiving treatment for the injury. His status is day-to-day. Arinze’s return to practice is anticipated on Monday.


Obviously this doesn't mean that AO won't be nagged by the injury but at least we won't have to consider the thought of playing without him altogether.  If it's all the same, I'd still like to keep DaShonte limber...

The lesson learned?  Mom's always right.

Update: Ryan Miller puts the fear of God back into us by saying "Syracuse fans relieved about Onuaku but another Cuse player had an MRI today. just sayin'."  JUST SAYIN?  YOU CAN JUST BE SAYIN STUFF LIKE THAT.