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For All Your Speaking & Appearing Needs...Turn To Doug Marrone

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Great find by the Three Idiots on Sports here and I highly recommend you check out their commentary on it. 

Opening a casino anytime soon?  Maybe you run a nail salon and you'd like to drum up some business via an in-store appearance?  Launching a new product aimed towards the hard-to-reach "A18-34 who enjoy tremendous things" demo?

Let Doug Marrone help!

We assist corporations in finding Doug Marrone's agent and representation, contacting Doug Marrone's management company, PR Firm and publicist, booking Doug Marrone appearances, hiring Doug Marrone for endorsements, book Doug Marrone autograph signings, and hire Doug Marrone for speaking engagements, as a keynote presenter or special event host. We are an athlete booking agency and sports marketing agency that also hires Doug Marrone for corporate event appearances, celebrity golf tournaments, tradeshows, conventions, store grand openings, licensing deals, print advertising and television commercials. Our booking agents specialize in finding the fees, price and costs to hire Doug Marrone for your next event.

Oh my God that is a lot of Doug Marrone.  You guys take it easy, you're gonna pull a muscle moving all that Doug Marrone around.

So...what are you waiting for?  Book Doug now.  What?  You're not sure how much it's going to cost?  WHO CARES.  Let me ask you a you want to succeed or do you want to fail?  Cause if you want to fail, don't ask Doug Marrone to appear at your next event.  If you want to succeed...BOOK DOUG MARRONE RIGHT NOW. 

The only reason you wouldn't book Doug Marrone?  If you've already booked Turner Gill.  I can understand if you wouldn't want to mix the two, given their angry, bitter, evil past.

With Gill's continued success at Buffalo, he once again became the focus of speculation about a possible move to a bigger program. Gill interviewed at Syracuse University, where he was passed over for Doug Marrone, the offensive coordinator for the NFL's New Orleans Saints who had no head coaching experience.

EASY with your revisionist history, Athlete Promotions.  You're the one telling me Doug Marrone is the right person for the grand opening of my new all-you-can-eat seafood buffet.  You're giving me mixed signals.  I don't know who to trust*...

* I do know who to trust.  Doug Marrone.  I was pretending.