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Cuse Photo Contest Winner

Well the game didn't turn out as we'd like but at least one person is going home a winner today. That makes up for everything, right?  RIGHT?

The contest was to correctly guess how many points, rebounds and blocks Wes Johnson would have in today's game.  Good work by everyone who guessed that Wes Johnson would score a grand total of 33 (24 points, 7 rebounds, 2 blocks).  This one came down to the tie-breaker as usual and only one person hit the nail directly on the head.


Scoopette nailed Wes' number and got the final score exactly right.  Kudos to you, Scoopette.  Enjoy your burrito of goodness.  And this photo!  (Make sure you send me your address and contact info to claim your prize.)


For everyone else, hurry up and head over to Replay Photos where that 20% OFF deal is on until midnight (EST) on Sunday March 14, 2010. Enter CUSE20 at checkout to receive your exclusive discount on this and any other Syracuse photo in the shop.