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Chipotle'd: Georgetown 91, Syracuse 84

Georgetown shot 69% in the second today.  You want to find "the secret to beating Syracuse?"  Shoot 69% in the 2nd half.  That'll do it.

With today's 91-84 loss to Georgetown in the Big East Quarters, right on the heels of the Louisville loss, the questions may now commence...

  • Is Syracuse's No. 1 seed in jeopardy?
  • Why isn't Wes Johnson screaming and jumping over people for the ball with less than a minute left and the team in need of major help?
  • Why is Scoop Jardine suddenly the defacto guy with the ball in his hand when SU needs a late score?  Does that make sense?
  • What about AO?  My God, what about AO?  That looked, sounded and felt horrible.  I don't feel good about the impending news.
  • What's going through Rick Jackson's mind sometimes?
  • How can Andy Rautins throw the best pass in the history of basketball and some of the worst passes in the history of basketball in the same game?

Lots more questions after that but that's just to get us started as we commence worrying for the next four days until they announce the NCAA seeds.  My guess...the Orange still get a one-seed but they've got a stigma hanging over them until the tournament begins and they start winning again.

And don't even get me started on Chipotle.  F*** those guys.

Update:  According to Pete Thamel, "Arinze Onuaku's mother said that XRays on her son's knee were negative. "He's fine. He will be back for the NCAA Tournament."  Mama knows best.

Update 2: Boeheim is now on record saying Onuaku suffered a strained right knee.  An MRI is scheduled for Friday.