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Not You Again...A Quick Q&A With Casual Hoya

Syracuse is playing Georgetown tomorrow (today?) and so we must speak with our frienemies at CasualHoya to find out what's going on with the Hoyas (Check out my answers to their questions as well).  Let's get to it (keep an eye on their wager with HoyaSuxa, could get fugly).

If I told you at the beginning of the season that Georgetown would enter the BET as the No. 8 seed, your reaction would have been..

TAKE IT AND RUN. I’m not sure you quite understand the misery of last year. I’m not going to go over the entire season with you here because we have spent an entire season casually trying to get over it, but if your team had wins over 2 top 5 teams during the regular season and then tanked so badly that it wound up as a 12 seed playing in AND LOSING in the 2pm game on Tuesday in the BET, wouldn’t you have taken the 8 seed if it were offered up on a platter? It’s also fun that the Hoyas are the 8th seed in the Big East but likely a 5 seed in the Dance, and maybe higher than that after we plaster your Orange ass this afternoon.

Georgetown didn't have a very stable identity in February. No win or loss streak in either direction more than two at a time. What was the big issue? Has that issue been fixed?

Wow. Even for DC, that is some fine spin – not very stable? How about wildly erratic? Losing to Rutgers and beating Nova in the same month? Gtown has three guys who can really play in Wright, Freeman, and Monroe. The major problem (now that we no longer have to focus on the Wright scoring 10 cannon), is that there is no leadership on the team. Monroe and Freeman are solid but quiet players and Wright fancies himself a scorer and would rather get his. With Monroe’s ability to score and distribute, he needs the ball. The dangerous part of this question is that the issue really hasn’t been fixed and Notre Dame is a great example of that – there was never a time where the team looked to one guy to get it done.

Third time the charm against the Orange? What can Georgetown do differently that they didn't do the first two times?

Sadly, probably not. Gtown – arguably more so than any other team save Louisville I suppose – exposed some chinks in Cuse’s armor with the devastating second half run, and everyone remembers that that ended with another L for the Hoyas. The second half really saw Gtown getting inside against the zone and forcing Cuse to make decisions on defense. So although the first game was a debacle, the second game actually showed what Gtown has to do. That said, it wasn’t enough at home and it’s unlikely to be enough in the BE Tournament.

If it came down to a buzzer-beating three to put a dagger in your Hoya Heart, which Orange player would you least like to be the hero?

It seems like all of them have had the opportunity at some point or another. I guess I'd most enjoy letting GMac go it one more time, you know, for old time's sake. Really the person I would LEAST like to be the here would have to be Devendorf or Rautins, for reasons that have been discussed at great length at for the last year. But you know, the person I'd really least like to see would be Carmelo Anthony. Because that would mean the Hoyas lost to the Denver Nuggets. And I think the Nuggets suck.

That kid from the Gtown-SU game video was so sad at the end. How's he doing? Is he in NY right now? Is his mouth still covered in orange goo?

Terrible video. I hope he is fine now, although I haven't fully recovered from that game at Verizon. I spent three of my Spring Breaks watching Georgetown lose in New York (thank you, Craig Esherick), so hopefully is making better use of his vacation. Knowing how most of the Hoya kids party, he’s likely smushing with sorority girls in Cancun and NOT leaving his number.

It's way too early to talk about next season's Georgetown looking for next season?

All depends on the man in the middle. Georgetown has a solid recruiting class with Markel Starks, Nate Lubick and Aaron Bowen (committed this week) and is looking at a couple of unsigned centers to add depth in the paint next year. There are no seniors on the current team so barring transfers, everyone will be back. If Monroe stays, you are looking at a top five squad next year, potentially better. If he leaves, Georgetown will struggle to replace the big man, probably became a more guard oriented offense, similar to Nova. I just threw up in my mouth and then swallowed it and then threw up my swallowed throw up. Descriptive enough for you? That being said, they should be alright without Monroe; Wright and Freeman can lead the team next year. But they could be something special if he returns.

Gun to your head...will Georgetown beat Syracuse this time?

No. *BANG*