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Syracuse vs. Georgetown III: The Orangening

For full Big East Tournament updates, check out the SBNation Big East Tourney steam, run by yours truly.

Georgetown and South Florida did their best Big Ten imitation today but the Hoyas emerged victorious 69-49.  That means that a sequel wasn't enough to kill the Hoya virus.  This one's going to be a trilogy.  And if the Scream movies taught me anything, it's that the third one always sucks. 

No taught me all bets are off.  Well, I guess they taught me both of those things.

While HoyaSuxa begins preparations for it's onslaught, let's remember that this just isn't about the 2009-2010 season.  SU and Georgetown in the Big East Tournament is a damn-near institution.

The two conference heavyweights have split their 12 meetings in the Big East tournament.

The last meeting?  A 58-57 win in the 2006 semis.  You may remember it (1:58)

 If you're going, I hope you bought your tickets already.  They ain't cheap.

The average fan has shelled out $202 per ticket on to attend the Syracuse Orange men’s basketball game against Georgetown at noon Thursday in the Big East tournament.

That’s an extra $118 per ticket for SU’s first-round matchup when compared to a year ago on the ticket-trading site. StubHub is the official secondary market seller for the tournament. A pass to all 15 tournament games on the site cost an average of $928.

If you have bought your ticket already, make sure you bring your passionate passion as well.  It will be appreciated.