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Ooo Yea That's...Surprising

Everything's coming up Scoop Jardine, apparently.  He of the best Twitter catchphrase around is getting his due.

First, the SU point guard finally gets his own t-shirt. (Well, for legal reasons, I'm sure that shirt's completely unrelated to Scoop Jardine and rather, just a blue t-shirt with the word "Scooooop" written on it in orange.  I mean, it can't actually be for Syracuse...there's no gray.).

Now, Scoop's picked up a little hardware.  Boeheim, Wes, Triche and KrisJo have been getting all the spoils so far.  Someone finally decided to throw young Scoop a bone.  And it's not the bone you would have expected.  The Sporting News has named Scoop their Sixth Man of the Year.  Say what?

How can a guy be a team's sixth man if he's third in minutes, which is where the marvelous Kris Joseph ranks for the Orange?

A 6-2 sophomore, Jardine shed weight during the offseason and slimmed down to 190 pounds—at coach Jim Boeheim's request. Jardine came off the bench to spell starting point guard Brandon Triche and averaged 8.5 points and 4.5 assists.

Okay, cool.  I mean, good for Scoop.  I still don't see a case being made as to why Scoop is the winner and not Kris Joseph. But...not complaining.  I think it would have been more expected to see Scoop show up as the Comeback Player, IMO.