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Mike Williams Did Not Quit, Says Mike Williams

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Curious, copious and conflicting information abound regarding Mike Williams and his day at the NFL combine yesterday.  We heard about how much of a train wreck he was coming off as.  But then again, that was one source's opinion.  And opinions seem to vary.

The PFT source said Williams ran a 4.62 40 but others are saying it was more like 4.49.Of course, there's no denying that Williams had a terrible day on the bench press, doing the least amount of reps of any wide receiver who attempted.

Of course, the big concern is and always will be his personality and his reasons for quitting the SU football team.  Well, allegedly quitting, that is.  At least according to Mike himself.

"I told the teams that and all the teams know the whole story and I just want to leave it at that, I don't want to make it a big media thing going back and forth, but I didn't quit so I just want everybody to know I didn't quit.''

This jives with Williams' infamous Facebook rant:


So if I had to guess, Mike was told that he was probably going to be suspended for most of, if not all, of the 2009 season after he went on his middle-of-the-night jaunt to Turning Stone Casino that ended in a car accident (totally SU's fault, obviously).  Which means that he would not play again anyway.  Ergo, quitting the team doesn't really make a difference because you wouldn't have played anyway.