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Harriott Out Of It, Resigns As SU RB Coach

Was it something we said?

On January 27th, news broke that Roger Harriott was going to be introduced as the new RB coach at Syracuse. On January 29th, he was introduced. On February 8th, he resigned

"Syracuse University running backs coach Roger Harriott has elected to leave the Orange coaching staff, head coach Doug Marrone announced tonight. Harriott is returning to his position as athletics director and football coach at the University School. A national search for a new running backs coach is under way.

" 'My family and I have realized that this was not the right decision for us at this time. I regret that we have put Coach Marrone and the Syracuse football family in this situation," Harriott said. "I respect Coach Marrone as a person and a coach. I believe in the direction he is taking this program and the quality staff he has here. Syracuse is a great University with a proud tradition. I know that Coach Marrone will return the program to national prominence.' "

Awkward.  Orange Fizz spoke with Harriott about his decision and it sounds like this was strictly about family.

"It was an agonizing decision between my wife and I. Great opportunity for me personally, but... we weighed out the dynamics of the family and the job.

We have four little girls right now. We didn't marry into the college coach lifestyle. We said it may not be the right time for me to take that for our marriage and in terms of raising the kids."

Marrone probably can't hold too much of a grudge over the decision.  He'll still need to recruit Harriott's school, which just gave SU two incoming players.  As for where the Orange go from here with the RB position, we shall see.