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Through The Looking Glass: Pat Forde & Doug Gottlieb Speak Well Of Syracuse


What the hell did you guys do while I was gone? 

First, Purdue bloggers are attacking us (and graciously apologizing for it).  Then, Doug Gottlieb talks glowingly about the team-first attitude of Syracuse basketball.  Now, Pat Forde is calling Syracuse the best basketball town in the Big East (well, not him but anonymous voters).  The end is nigh.

The epitome of Big East basketball -- a cold winter's night, 30,000-plus flock to the Carrier Dome on campus and ESPN trucks are parked at the arena loading dock. Brings back memories of what made the league so special. A stop at Dinosaur BBQ is a must before and even after the game. The threat of being buried by three feet of lake-effect snow just adds to the mystique.

Also receiving votes: Louisville, Philadelphia, Cincinnati.

Cincinnati?  What lunatic voted Cincinnati the best college basketball town in the Big East?  Out of a conference that includes Syracuse, Philadelphia, Providence, New York City, Louisville, Morgantown and Pittsburgh, just to name a few...