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Devendorf Signs With Pistons. No, The Other Pistons.

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It's never a great sign when the article in the local paper announcing your arrival leads with the headline "Waikato Pistons sign troublesome talent."  That probably means your reputation has preceded you.  Just like Eric Devendorf's has now that he's on his way to New Zealand to play for the two-time defending NBL Champion Waikato Pistons.

The new Waikato Pistons import is a tattooed trash-talker with a history of off-court woes who may be the league's best player in recent history.

The two-times defending NBL champions have signed former US college star Eric Devendorf to play point guard for the upcoming season.

The Pistons initially hesitated in signing Devo based on his reputation but received assurances from Devo and others.

"He's not afraid to exchange a few verbals with opposing players and will be the kind of player who draws people to watch."

Oh believe me, he can verbal with the best of them. He'll be doing plenty of it when the NBL season begins for the Pistons on March 4th against the Nelson Giants. 


GIF H/T: Alex O for making, nysportsguy for bringing to my attention