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The ESPN/USA Today Coaches Poll Is Less-Than

Excuse my tardiness on the poll update but, it's news to me, dammit.

The Orange has assume the No. 2 position in the AP Poll and moved up to No. 3 in the Coaches Poll.  The last time the Orange were ranked this high?  1990.  That was a long time ago.  There are members of the current team that were still breast-feeding at that time.

The Orange received eight first-place votes in the AP, up three from last week.  Voters include Doug Haller from the Arizona Republic, Scott Wolf of the L.A. Daily News, Jon Wilder of the San Jose Mercury News, Joey Johnston of the Tampa Tribune, Nick Jezierny of the Idaho Statesman, Rick Bozich of the Louisville Courier-Journal, Michael Rothstein of and Jason Groves from the Las Cruces Sun-News.  For reasons unknown outside of his own heart, Dick Weiss still only has the Orange No. 3 in his poll.  What did we do wrong, Hoops?

They also received one first-place vote in the Coaches Poll.  Boeheim, we talked about this...

And while we're on the Coaches Poll, gotta love it anytime one team beats another and then ends up behind the loser in said poll.  Good work, coaches.  Duke totally deserves to be ranked higher than Georgetown. (Though to be fair, Georgetown has done a great job of losing early in the week only to make everyone forget about that loss with a huge win just before the new polls come out.  Savvy.)

SU also came in No. 2 in another poll.  CNBC's Biggest Endowment Losers of 2009.  SU apparently lost $327 million from its endowment (33%).  So, when the new uniforms are unveiled and they feature a giant Jreck Subs logo on the back...understand why.