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Daily Links - Boeheim "Never Better"

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At 65 years young, Syracuse's Jim Boeheim has never been better - Paul Daugherty -
"I watch all the 10 o'clock soap operas,'' Boeheim is saying. "NCIS is my favorite. Numbers. I used to watch St. Elsewhere. That was good. I like them all.''

Three Idiots on Sports: Super Bowl Prop Bets - Syracuse Style
There's a huge game on tap Sunday, but I don't have to tell you that. You're already prepared to watch Syracuse-Cincinnati at 2 pm. In fact, you're probably having people over to watch the game. After it's over, your friends might even stick around, I guess there's a football game on or something.

Orange::44: Sell Out, With Me Oh Yeah!
I could care less what the team wears. It could be potato sacks with Syracuse written across it. But under no circumstances should you EVER change uniforms in the middle of a season. Just don't it.

Midseason Big East Awards - Card Chronicle
Player of the Mid-Year: Wesley Johnson, Syracuse

Recruiting Update: Waiters putting up big numbers | Orange Basketball Blog -
Here's a look at how the class of 2010 is doing

Orange Fizz: Cooney's Coach to Fizz: SU is Favorite.
"As for the recruiting, the phone continues to ring but I believe that Syracuse is the favorite."

The Big Orange Bloggers: Thank You Greg Robinson (Debut Column From The NY Sports Guy)
That’s right ladies and gents; I would like to do something no other Syracuse fan has done. Thank Greg Robinson for his time as Master and Commander of Syracuse football.

Syracuse University Athletics - 2010 Season Preview - Part II
This is the second installment of's preview of the upcoming 2010 men's lacrosse season. Part I of focused on the attack and midfield. Part II features an overview of the team's defensive midfield, close defense, faceoff specialists and goalies.

Cincinnati.Com | Cincinnati Enquirer | Paul Daugherty » The Morning Line, 2/4
this week’s tome is on Jim Boeheim, a guy I’ve known for 25 years and really like. Guy’s a great golfer, a devoted family man, a chronic watcher of bad network TV drama and, facade aside, a caring and sentimental individual.

Syracuse recruiting analysis - Big East Blog - ESPN
There aren't a lot of showstopper names in this bunch, but second-year coach Doug Marrone is still working to get Syracuse back in the forefront of recruits' minds.

SB Nation's College Hoops Power 16 - SB Nation
This week's SB Nation Power 16 has a new author, but the same team on top. Behind Kansas, Syracuse slips, Michigan State avoids punishment, and New Mexico makes a debut.

During halftime of a Syracuse game, a building full of adults watch two little kids get dressed at half-court. Wait...that didn't come out right...

The 2010 Orange squad is faced with the tough task of replacing All-American Sid Smith.