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Wes Johnson Prognosis: "Better"

After that nasty spill he took against Providence and the adrenaline subsided, Wes Johnson sat out the last half of the game and scared the living hell out of Cuse Nation.  Wes practiced "sparingly" on Thursday and spent a portion of the day in the training room.

When asked how he felt, Johnson replied "better." I'll take it. 

Unrelated but fascinating given the recent recruiting blitz we just went through, this article on how many of the contributing member of this No. 3 ranked team was lightly recruited and weren't ranked on any top lists.  So much for the importance of recruiting class rankings...

"It’s not the easy way or the conventional way to build a national championship-caliber team," recruiting analyst Dave Telep said. "Arinze Onuaku was a stationary rebounder and screener. Andy Rautins’ father was an alum and he’s maximized his career. Wes Johnson didn’t even play for his AAU team’s A-team and he turns into a star.

"I really like Syracuse’s roster," Telep added, "I think Syracuse is a really neat story. It just doesn’t usually happen that way."

Jim Boeheim is like Peter Jackson making the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.  Maybe Return of the King wasn't the best movie in the country the year it won, but Jackson won the Best Picture award for the body of work he put together over those three films.  For cultivating a project many thought was a lost cause from the ground up over the course of many years and bringing into fruition. Sound familiar?