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Syracuse vs. BC In November, Just Like Old Times

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The last time Syracuse and Boston College squared off, it was a meaningful, end of the season November contest.  That made for such a good combination back in '04, I guess both teams figured why mess with a good thing?  The Orange and Eagles resume the rivalry this season as part of an eight-game series and it looks like that game will be the season-ender for both teams.  The 2010 match-up in the Dome has officially been penciled in for November 27th.

What are the chances Diamond Ferri is in the building for this one?  One gabajillion percent?

The 2010 OOC schedule now reads Maine (Sept. 4th), @ Washington (Sept. 11th), @ Akron (Sept. 18th) and home against BC to close the year.  The Orange need to fill a final spot in the schedule (with one of these teams).  If SU finds the right cupcake, they could open the season at home with that and Maine, a great way to (likely) start 2-0 and get the season rolling.