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Hope You Invested In Syracuse Hats Yesterday

A pictorial look through at the new recruits and their strategically-placed Syracuse hats. (H/T:

(No, I don't know how one invests in Syracuse hats.  I'm actually quite sure that's not a thing you can do.  Pork bellies on the other hand...)

BTW, you can watch a video of Long Island's John Kinder and Robert Welsh talking about why they SU.  You have to watch it behind a registry window if you're not signed up, but, it's still easy enough to watch.

New SU kicker Ross Krautman along with Ramapo athletic director Todd Meyer, head coach Drew Gibbs and Ramapo principal Dr. Louis Moore.


Jerome Smith of Pencader Charter dons a Syracuse jacket before signing a letter of intent to play football at Syracuse University.


Louiszell "Sweet Lou" Alexander signing along with some of his JuCo teammates.


Keon Lyn wears his SU hat proudly.


Malcolm Cater, his family and his trophies made a wise choice.


Dick "Macky" MacPherson signs on with the school he was born to play for. (


John Adams High's Micah Robinson, standing, signs to go to Syracuse University.


And finally, because we're an equal opportunity site, let's give it up for Adrian Chambers, who plays field hockey for Mount Pleasant High School in Delaware and will do so for SU now.