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Are We Ready To Live In A World Where South Florida Dominates The Big East?

Good thing we played South Florida when we did.  Otherwise we might have been one of the giants mowed down by this unstoppable machine.

The Bulls upset No. 8 Georgetown IN D.C. last night, 72-64.  That's on the heels of their 71-60 win over No. 17 Pitt. That also makes it four Big East wins in a row, which is really curious considering the program had never put together back-to-back conference wins and the five conference wins they have so far is already the most they've ever collected in a single season.  At 15-7, the Bulls are a legitimate bubble team now.

Color head coach Stan Heath...confused and impressed.

"I’ll be brutally honest — I’m really amazed with our team," he said. "It’s the best win in our school history, to beat an outstanding team like Georgetown. I have no idea if they were enjoying Duke or looking at Villanova, but we played really well, really hard. We became the more aggressive team in the second half."

Credit Dominique Jones for a lot of it.  He's averaging an insane 35 PPG over the last four games.  Maybe you should, you know, start putting a body on him.

SU and USF won't meet again this season, save for perhaps a meeting in the BET.  Their remaining schedule doesn't look too imposing.  And as UConn and some other Big East usual suspects fade down the stretch, it might be time to start imagining a world where USF is a pretty decent Big East squad.  NCAA team?  Sounds absurd, but...

And of course, while we're on the topic of Big East teams, I have to mention the class and integrity of the West Virginia faithful.  They not only showered Pitt players with insults (which is well within bounds) but they also threw trash on the court (oh boy) and hit an assistant coach in the eye with a coin (yikes!)

Yes, that's pretty awful, but who is this indignant announcer?  Relax buddy, we're all on the same page here.  Well, except West Virginia fans of course...