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We Have 31 New Friends

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Well, so much for all that roster room.  Syracuse officially inked 31 players today, some of which were already on campus but most of whom will arrive this summer. 

So who are these braves souls who dared to become a part of Doug Marrone's Man Coven?  The full list is available here.  You can check out individual bios, what little info there is, to each guy.  I was able to pull out some of the interesting nuggets o'fun for you...

  • DL Deon Goggins Is related to 12-year NFL wide receiver Curtis Conway and former University of California defensive back (and current Colorado assistant coach) Darian Hagan.  If you have an available son or daughter, this might be a good bloodline to get in on.
  • Keondrick Lyn would rather go by Keon Lyn.  Bummer.
  • Louiszell Alexander is going by Lou Alexander.  Again, bummer.
  • Charlie Copa's father, Tom Copa, lettered in basketball at Marquette and played for the San Antonio Spurs.
  • As you probably already knew, Dick "Macky" MacPherson is the grandson of one former Syracuse head coach Dick MacPherson. 
  • John Kinder's middle name is Fitzgerald.  SOMEbody's parents liked JFK.
  • Jonny Miller's brother, Jimmy, plays football at San Diego State University
  • Ross Krautman's older brother Ricky was a Syracuse kicker between '03 and '05.

#Shamarko Thomas scoffs at these facts.  He is unimpressed.  So far.

Donnie Webb has a nice breakdown of all the players and how the class stacks up.  I especially liked this part...

Better than a year ago when Rivals ranked the Orange class 111th nationally and Scout had it 99th. As of Tuesday, Rivals ranks the Orange 77th (Ed. Note - 78th now) and Scout ranks the class 62nd (Ed Note - 55th now!). As for the Big East, Rivals ranks the Orange sixth. Scout has it seventh.

No triple digits!!! 

Oh and, best photo?  Brice Hawkes...