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Hope You Bought Your Ticket To Syracuse vs. Villanova Already

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That's the Carrier Dome attendance record, set for Gerry McNamara's final home game.  It happened to be a 92-82 loss to Villanova, if you're looking for parallels.  We're still weeks away from the February 27th showdown with Villanova and a lot can happen between now and then.  But let's assume that both teams are still in the top ten, let alone top five. You won't find a bigger regular-season game in the Big East.  Possibly the entire country (except Rutgers-Seton Hall, obv.).

Word came down today that the game is "sold out," whatever that means in the cavernous Dome.  34,616 tickets sold.  That would be the biggest Dome crowd ever and the biggest on-campus crowd ever.

Folks are already talking about tickets in Section 332.  Check out this seating chart of the Dome for basketballl...Section 332 isn't even on it!  In fact, a full seating chart reveals that Section 332 is near the far endzone of the Dome.  I'm not even certain you can get a view of the court there.

Not that it'll matter.  As long as you're in the building, you're in the right place on the 27th.  Hope Nova brings their earplugs...