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Syracuse Defeats Providence: A Videography

Sweet Jesus, a lot of video from last night.  Let's get to it.  First up, Jameson was all over the most important questions of the night...How did Scoop Jardine tweet during the game (He didn't)? Who would replace Wes if he can't make the next Scoop & Wes Show?  And was Scoop disappointed not to see his giant mug staring back at himself from the crowd?


Wes talks about the spill, Scoop feels bad about the pass & Rick Jack talks about the greatness of Kris JosephAndy Rautins throws three errant passes while this interview takes place.

Syracuse vs. Providence Basketball: Post-game Locker Room

Mike Waters has the post-game recap:

Mike Waters video report

Jim Boeheim wanted to set the record straight about speculation that the Orange looked past DePaul this past weekend (juice your speakers).  Jimmy then compares his current players to four-year-olds.

More Jimmy B presser...

Syracuse vs Providence Basketball: Coach Jim Boeheim

Providence College Friar Jamine Peterson earned the number 2 play on ESPN's Top Plays after an alley-oop to himself against Syracuse.