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Mike Williams Has Had Better Days

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When Mike Williams quit the Syracuse football team mid-season, the general consensus was that he had cost himself not only a chance to be drafted in the first-round but also millions of dollars.  It was thought that he was going to need a stellar combine and workouts in order to prove to NFL teams that he wasn't the horrible decision-maker, complainer, trouble-maker and quitter that he seemed to be.

So much for that, says PFT.

"Mike Williams did not help himself," the source said.  "He was supposed to be a 4.4 guy and was closer to 4.62.  He was horrible in interviews blaming everyone but himself for his problems at Syracuse. . . .  He did catch the ball [at the Scouting Combine] but everything else was poor."

"He is a great talent but a train wreck as a person," the source opined, expressing regret for the fact that draft experts who pump up Williams' chances are only setting the player and his family up for disappointment when reality strikes.

YIIIIIIKES.  The article also mentions that Mike will not be allowed to work out for scouts as part of Orange Pro Day.  Doug Marrone holds a grudge...and he's fairly justified in this one. 

There's still time for Williams to sell at least one team on his abilities, which at the end of the day, will determine whether or not he gets drafted.  But all signs point to Mike Williams' issues at SU over the last two years being par for the course, rather than "wrong place, wrong time."