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Final Preparation For Syracuse-Villanova

Cuse Nation acquited itself quite well on Gameday this morning.  "Only" 7K in the building but as someone pointed out, that's still more than 50% of the student population.  Not too shabby.

Plenty of Big Heads in the crowd.  Most of which were easily recognizable.  One in particular over Digger Phelps shoulder...not so much.  If you're wondering, that's Asst. Equipment Manager Dan Schworles

Some final news, notes, videos and thoughts before hell is unleashed.

Scoop and Wes Show: Scoop dunks!

The Scoop and Wes Show with Donna Ditota, Part 1.
  • After all the hype, it’s finally time for Syracuse to take on Villanova...Mike Waters
  • The Dome overcame the elements to stage tonight's Game Day...Donna Ditota
  • ESPN's 'GameDay' visit to Syracuse whips Carrier Dome crowd into frenzy...Paul Brockwell, Jr.
  • Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim talks with Rece Davis on College GameDay about the growth of his team from the beginning of the season...ESPN
  • GameDay: What they're saying about Syracuse vs.
  • Notes live from behind the scenes at College Gameday...Tony Olivero
  • Talking shop with Rece Davis...Conor Orr
  • Nova-Geddon: Are You Ready?...Orange Fizz

Creepy-Touchy Digger Phelps Alert!