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No. 4 Syracuse. No. 7 Villanova. 34,616. What Else Do I Need To Say?

Here we go.  All the hype, all the stories, all the previews...we're finally here.  The question is, where will you be?

Those of you who will be among the 34,616, we salute you.  Make noise.  Lots of noise.  Ungodly amounts of noise.  Richter-Scale shaking noise. The kind of noise that would cause an opposing player with loose bowels to let loose all over themselves.

As for the rest of us, let the folks know where you'll be.  Maybe someone in your area needs a refuge to root for the Orange.  Let's stop being co-workers and start being co-people.

As for me?  I'll be with the big LA Orange contingent at Hollywood Billiards.  A huge SU turnout is supposed to be going on and prizes will be given out.  You know me.  I love prizes.  If you're in the LA-area and want to be amongst "better" people, I'll see you there. 


But seriously, if you come on down, please search me out and accost me.  I'm very striking so I can't imagine you'll miss me.  I will be wearing my Gregapalooza T-shirt, I can't imagine too many people in LA are sporting those.  If you do say hi and introduce yourself and I don't know who are, don't hold it against me!  Even though I've talked to you online many times, SUBRO6969, I have a horrible memory.

Syracuse-Villanova links, previews, videos and notes after the jump...

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