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Get Me The Ticket Impresario Of Syracuse, It's Raffle Time

If you get that reference, you are my friend.  If not, go listen to David Cross until you do.

It's raffle time for Syracuse students to determine seating for the Villanova game.

Instead of issuing seats on a first-come, first-serve basis, SU will hold a lottery for student seats in the Carrier Dome starting at 6 p.m. today, said Mark Barbuto, event staff supervisor for the Carrier Dome.

In previous years, students have slept outside the Dome a week before a big game so they could get the best seats. With a record-breaking sale of 34,616 tickets for the SU-Villanova game, SU was worried students would be sleeping outdoors too long for tickets.

This year students will get to sleep inside Gate P of the Dome with around-the-clock security. Despite the long nights of camping out, the wait for big games has become a tradition for many students.

So how does it work? It's all based on arrival time tonight at 6pm.

All students who show up at the 6 p.m. raffle will get an individual number, which will be entered into a pool with the rest of the attendees. Once the number is received, it dictates the order in which students will be able to camp out inside the Dome's gate P and eventually how close their seats are, Gaucher said.

The lower-level seating, located directly behind the home basket and press area, seats up to five full student groups and will be the first to fill up. Full student groups are members of four students who camp out together.

SU has sold 34,616 tickets to the game and is expecting just about all of those people to show up on Saturday. 
I'm not suggesting you should pee in bottles rather than wait in enormous bathroom lines...I'm just saying keep an empty one handy.