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There's The Greggers We Knew And Loved

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The Three Idiots are on fire today as they uncovered a new spin on an old classic.

Greggers, sometimes we forget how special you truly were.  Then you do interviews that begin like this...

Question: Did you see the need last year to kind of load up on more speed guys, as this class looks pretty heavy on speed?

Greg Robinson: "When you say last year when are you referring to?

Coach breaks out some classics, including:

I do not know.

You wait and see, time will tell.

I felt our kids really played pretty good. It wasn’t good enough to win but it felt like throughout the game they were really competing well...

We are going to have to get better.

Anyone else getting nostalgic?  Also, I think Greg might have spilled the beans on an upcoming scheduling coup:

People are thinking of him as a linebacker but he is doing things like a secondary player. It is harder on them. We’re better in space."

Michigan.  Iowa.  Saturn's moon Enceladus.  October 14th, 2012.  Book your space shuttle tickets NOW!