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Jim Boeheim 2.0

When you think of Jim Boeheim, you think about technology.  Obviously.  The man is a Renaissance Man of the Internet and technological advances.  When Jim Boeheim says "I do not know how to text," he's not saying he doesn't know how to text, he's saying he's so far beyond you or I (mind-texting!) in the way we text that he can't even begin to understand the feeble way that you do it. 

So it should come as no surprise that the new and improved is a stroke of genius.  So clean!  So efficient!  So lacking in annoying auto-play music!

We admire the redesigned site on the same day that they official unveil the master plans behind The Jim & Juli Boeheim Foundation.

The Boeheims have three children together, and the focus of the foundation will be, not surprisingly, children. The foundation will raise money and spend it on several programs:

Jim’s Kids, which will provide internships for high school students.

Sneakers 4 Kids, which will give sneakers to children who can’t afford them.

Courts 4 Kids, which will refurbish basketball courts in Syracuse with the help of former SU basketball star Carmelo Anthony and football player Dorsey Levens.

"It’s all related to helping kids," Jim Boeheim said. "If schools need computers, if they need a basketball court fixed, we can do that. It could be a wide range of things." 

And they'll continue to support Coaches vs. Cancer as well.  Good stuff. 

The Boeheim's even shot a little b-roll to help tell the story. 

Jim and Juli Boeheim Foundation

Then, as noted so well by the Three Idiots on Sports, they immediately headed over to "Studio B" to shoot their Syracuse Spring Home and Patio Show commercial.

When the President wants to go on TV to deliver a speech, he always chooses his tie with great care.  Just like Jim Boeheim has his Abercrombie & Fitch sweater.  Take note, Syracuse-area businesses, you know what the color tones will be going in, plan accordingly.