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Providence College Is Not Bluffin' With It's Muffin


Always try to get out in front of the story, that's what you learn in PR.  When you don't, the situation is likely to blow up in your face.  Just ask Tiger Woods.

The folks at Providence, and namely our good friend David at Friar Blog, are doing just that.  Sadly, in this case, it will do nothing to stop the damning truth from coming out.  It's like putting a piece of wood up against a dam as it crumbles.

So what do we know about Tuesday night's game between the Orange and the Friars?  First, it's a Black-Out.  Fine.  That seemed to work pretty well for them last year so I can see why they'd want to turn The Dunk into the dark roast experience once again.  But that's not all the folks at Providence College, one of America's leading Catholic institutions, are doing.  There are still tickets available and the Friars need that house packed if they want the crowd to overtake the mighty Orange. 

They need an idea befitting a school that prides itself on core values. 

An idea that promotes intellectual tradition.

An idea that combats heresy and holds high the word of Jesus Christ.

They need Lady GaGa Night

Friar Fans, get ready for the biggest game of the season as PC takes on 5th ranked Syracuse on Tuesday night at 7pm at the Dunkin’ Donuts Center. Not only is it a BLACKOUT THE DUNK event but it is also LADY GAGA NIGHT! Come dressed in your favorite Lady G outfit and have the chance to win Nike apparel! Hear your favorite Lady G songs being played throughout the night as well. So bring your friends down to the dunk for an exciting game and an awesome dance party you won’t want to miss! LET’S GO FRIARS!!

I'd say it's no Zooperstars, but then again, it actually kinda is. 

If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times.  Providence College loves Lady GaGa.  It's irrefutable. So, Providence fans, by all means, come dressed in your FAVORITE Lady G (PC and Lady GaGa are tight like that) outfits.  Cause you're gonna hear your FAVORITE Lady G songs.

Sure, it's going to be an "exciting" game but that's not why we're all here, am I right?  If they decide at the last minute to reschedule or even cancel the game, that's fine.  We're here for a dance party.  Not just any dance party, an AWESOME dance party.  And not just any AWESOME dance party.  An AWESOME dance party featuring our FAVORITE Lady GaGa songs which we will dance to while wearing our FAVORITE Lady GaGa outfits.  This is a night the likes of which we shall never forget.

When Bishop of Providence Matthew Harkins founded Providence College in 1917, he dreamed of an institution which would establish a center of advanced learning for the Catholic youth of Rhode Island.  And host Lady GaGa dance parties.  This is fact.  Look it up.

To be fair, I think it might actually end up being a genius move.  I mean, if I was standing at the free-throw line and I saw the walking nightmare on the right looking directly at me from the crowd, I don't think I'll be able to stop myself from crying, let alone make a shot.

In all honesty though, we can probably just expect a lot of this: