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Wesley Johnson vs. The Colts & Saints...Who You Got?

What's the best part of the Super Bowl? Gambling on it, of course! 

And what's even better than just gambling on the Super Bowl?  Gambling on other things too!

Syracuse plays Cincinnati on Super Bowl Sunday and you can bet that the folks over at noticed.  They've posted a couple cross-sport props that involve the biggest game of the day...and the Super Bowl.


My initial thought is that you gotta take the Saints/Colts in the first one and Syracuse in the second.  I love Wesley but you gotta assume we're talking 20 or so points/rebounds.  I would hope these two offenses blow that away.

As for Colston, who the hell knows.  I think SU getting up in the 80-90 range so its well within the realm of reason that they cover.

I defer to the degenerate gamblers among you (Cody) for expert opninon...

H/T: Sean C