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Recruiting Things Are Happening

Tomorrow's Signing Day for college football recruits but some new players are already pledging their verbal support for the Orange.

First up, offensive tackle Sean Hickey of Franklin Regional High School in Murrysville, Pa. The 6-6, 280 lb. Hickey chose the Orange over Boston College, Illinois and Cincinnati...not too shabby.  ESPN has some slightly-nice things to say about him...

Hickey is a big strong aggressive player who is presently playing offensive tackle. We feel he lacks the great athletic ability necessary to play tackle at the major level of competition. A move to guard at the next level is recommended for him to succeed.

Here's some video of Hickey if you're that hard-up to watch a guy block:

Next up, defensive end Micah Robinson of John Adams High School in Cleveland, Ohio. The 6-4, 240 lb. Robinson chose SU over Pittsburgh, Kansas, and again...good sign.  The big reason he came?  New SU D-line coach Jimmy Brumbaugh.

"I like the defensive line coach [Jimmy Brumbaugh] there," said Robinson, who accounted for 47 tackles, including 12 sacks, for the Rebels. "He's hands-on and will help me improve on my technique."

"I'm going have to gain more weight and bulk up a little more," said Robinson. "[Syracuse] has four or five defensive linemen coming back next year, so I'll probably be redshirted next year, but I'm all right with that."

And then there's Charlie Copa, a 6-6, 245 lb. tight end out of Westlake High School in Austin, Texas.  Copa's bringing that million dollar grin to Syracuse instead of Air Force, Cincinnati (3-for-3, bitches) and others.

How's this for a feel-good story.  Copa was diagnosed with leukemia at age five.  He fully recovered and now spends time at children's hospitals helping out kids in his former shoes.

"I was like, 'Who have I benefited from the most in my life?' And I was like 'Duh, the children's hospital,' " said Copa, who became involved in Cub Scouts as a first-grader. "Without them, I wouldn't be here."

Check out Copa (who looks gigantic) in these game highlights, which might just be better production quality than most college game broadcasts (Texas...):

Finally Donnie Webb mentions that one-time verbal commit Gareef Glashen has gone turncoat and committed to Rutgers.  For shame, Gareef.  For shame.