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Heart Attack Men: No. 5 Syracuse 75, No. 10 Georgetown 71

Well here's the good news about Thursday night's 75-71 win over Georgetown.

  • The Orange sweep the season series from the Hoyas, something they haven't done since 2003 (oh boy).
  • It was Syracuse's fourth win over a team ranked in the Top Ten at the time (North Carolina, Florida, West Virginia, Georgetown)
  • Andy Rautins grabbed the conch and took back leadership duties for the Orange, scoring 26 points, including two clutch free throws to ice the win.
  • The Orange led by as much as 23 points at one point.
  • Syracuse led the entire game, believe it or not.
  • With the win, Syracuse clinched a first-round bye in the Big East Tournament.
  • At least momentarily, it puts Syracuse on top of the Big East with a 12-2 conference record.
  • Free-throws!  SU made 27-30 last night.  That's crazy.  (Note that AO and RickJack spent a lot of time off the floor)

And now the bad news.

  • The Orange nearly lost the game on one of the most epic collapses in recent memory.  The Hoyas' 28-9 run nearly caused Cuse Nation to implode on itself.
  • Foul trouble.  If you were ever curious to know what happens when both AO and Rick Jackson are in foul you know.  Scary.
  • The Orange committed 10 turnovers in the 2nd half, many of which were part of Georgetown's run.
  • Wes, Where Art Thou?  Two points in the 2nd half.  Thank God Rautins was hot but we need some more from our star.

The Orange are doing what they're supposed to do (winning), just not with the style points required of the masses if they want to be taken seriously as a No. 1 team.  That might not matter to you, and it probably shouldn't.  But that nagging thought that SU doesn't have a killer instinct or has something misplaced it is running through everyone's mind right now...not just ours.

Of course, there's a flip side to things here.  Orange Fizz sums it up:

Let's flip this around, though. Instead of worrying that Syracuse lacks the killer instinct, how about applauding the Orange for finding ways to win no matter what? The strangest sensation in the world as an SU fan is watching a huge lead dissipate at Georgetown and still stay confident, "Don't worry, these are the games we win."

Point noted.  I did remain confident down the stretch that somehow, someway, the Orange would prevail.  And they did.  On the road.  Against No. 10 Georgetown.  There's something to be said for that.

Does being in these situations make the Orange a better team or expose their fundamental flaw?  Guess we won't really know until we know.  You know?

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