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Reliving The Story Of '78

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I had heard about a documentary on the final game at Archbold Stadium a while back.  Not until today did I have a chance to see it.  Gotta was worth the wait.

I know it's Georgetown Hate Day but if you can carve out a half-hour at some point, you have to check out this video

Created by Gordon Brookes and Erick Ferris for their thesis project in Television, Radio, and Film. "Archbold Stadium, The Story of '78" re-creates the final game against the United States Naval Academy through pictures, interviews, and never before seen game film.

The documentary features interviews with Syracuse Football Alums Tom Coughlin, Floyd Little, Art Monk, Joe Morris, Bill Hurley, Craig Wolfley, and Dave Jacobs as they describe their memories of playing for Syracuse.

A job well done, sirs.  I'm thinking we might want to detonate the Dome and rebuild Archbold just so we can have it back for a little while.  (Then, of course, we blow up New Archbold in order to build New Carrier Dome in a few years, just to keep things fresh).

Archbold Stadium, The Story of '78 from Gordon Brookes on Vimeo.