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Syracuse Basketball Showing Some Wear & Tear

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One of the overlooked things about this season is how blessed we've been from an injury standpoint.  Unlike year's past when an ACL injury seemed to pop up, or tear off, every couple months, the Orange haven't been hit hard in the department (knock on Dome).  That said, the grind of a college basketball season in beginning to show itself on the players and the time to bite one's lip and trudge on through has begun.

The big injury we're keeping an eye on? Wes Johnson's hand.

Johnson practiced Monday and Tuesday, both days with a wrap protecting his thumb. He said Tuesday the hand felt "all right," though he has not, over the past two days, dunked with the kind of gusto he usually applies to the task. Instead, he has gently directed the ball through the rim.

As for the other fella, it's all about the wear and tear and how they prepare for the rest of the season, which is far from over.

Onuaku has those surgically repaired knees to consider. Kris Joseph said he’s been bothered by a bit of tendinitis. After Sunday’s loss to Louisville, Joseph talked about how fatigued he felt, about how the accumulation of games and practices have worn him down. He said Tuesday that he has tried to pay special attention to his diet and has tried to avail himself of all the SU training staff has to offer.

Just imagine what kind of condition one would be in if they were scarfing down cheesesteaks all day?  Thank the lord Scoop got it together.