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Tie-Dye T-Shirt Winners Announced

I asked you to guess how many points Scoop Jardine would have in the Louisville game in order to win this funky T-shirt.


While not many people went low (pretty sure one person predicted Scoop to score a billion points, just slightly higher than his average), there were enough of you that nailed it on the head.  14 folks correctly guessed Scoop would score six points and so we went to the tie-breaker (total points scored).  No one amongst that group came within ten points of SU's 60-point output on the day so it's the six-lowest guessers that win the tee.  They are...







evilfish2147 tied with wee93 for the final spot but 2nd tie-breaker is time of entry (I have decided).  Gotta be quick off the draw.  Winners, collect your prize by e-mailing me with your address and preferred size.

Everyone else, get ready to guess for the Georgetown game for more tees.  If you still want this shirt you can always purchase it.