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OrangeTube 2/16

The latest Syracuse-related Videos on the Interwebs.  We begin with the extremely cool timelapse of the entire crowd from the SU-UConn game, courtest of Kevin Colton from Waterloo, NY and

Some "behind the scenes" video of the 200-level fan experience in the Dome:

James Sutherland gets his windmill on during warm-ups:

The Daily Orange had their annual media cup vs WAER Sports.  Let's hope that in the future, they leave the actual basketball playing to the guys on scholarship.

We did get a Hangover Wolfpack speech out of it, though:

Practice. Practice, Practice...

Practice Practice Practice
Mr. Personality Plus Jeff Goodman puts Syracuse at No. 4 in his Top Five:

If Wes Anderson attended Syracuse, this is the Valentine's Day short he would make:

Tebucky Jones The Band is back!  Respect.