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Syracuse Players Balance Tough Schedule With Tough-ish Classes

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It's no Gauntlet but the No. 2 Orange are officially in their toughest stretch of the season.  It began Wednesday when the Orange took on UConn and continues this weekend.

"I think this starts our toughest stretch," Boeheim said following the win. "I think Louisville is a very good team and we have them, Villanova at Providence - we have a lot of tough games left. Hopefully that will help us to get better, but we've got a very difficult stretch of games ahead of us. Probably the toughest of all this year."

Syracuse enters the final third, and arguably most challenging portion, of its Big East schedule Sunday as it hosts Louisville at the Carrier Dome at 1 p.m. Syracuse will face two Top 10 teams and play three road games in its final stretch.

The key will be for SU to put their head down and just do the work (segue alert!), just like they're doing in the classroom (segue is now complete).

Donna Ditota has an article up today on how the SU players balance their schoolwork, practice and games and fine line that exists between all of them. Especially when the players are taking the kinds of classes that prepare for you the world:

An assignment in Triche’s Religion and Sports class loomed...In another corner of that room, DaShonte Riley worked quietly on a critique of an article on tattoo subculture for Sociology 101.

Ah, college. 

For players like Mookie Jones, it's a daunting experience and one fraught with stumbling blocks and tough decisions.

"I’m gonna be honest – a lot of times I don’t want to come here after practice and after going to classes all through the day," Jones said. "But it’s a relief once you get your work done and you can sit around and just relax and don’t have to at the last minute get this done and that done."

Jones, a sophomore academically, said he tried and discarded five or six tutors since he arrived on the SU campus. Some explained things too quickly, he said, others took so long to clarify issues he "got nothing done."

And just like in the Three Little Bears, Mookie finally found a tutor that was juuuuust right.