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Marathon Men T-Shirt Winners

Last night's game didn't go quite as long as the previous incarnation but we're handing out Marathon Men T-shirts nonetheless.  I asked you correctly predict how many points SU would score (and then the total cume score) from the UConn game and the top six choices would win a shirt.


Seven folks nailed the number on the head.  Sadly, we only have six shirts to give away so "comike011" gets so close yet so far.  Your winners, two of whom nailed the tie-breaker as well, are...

Weirdsli, KeuthMyThirst, orangemennotorange, cheesehead5700, afergu01 and firmkick.

Winners, e-mail me with your mailing address and please let me know the preferred size and Holy Shirt will send them on their way to you ASAP.  If you didn't win and would still like to get the shirt, it's available here.

Thanks to all who entered.  More T-shirt contests on the way...