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The Syracuse Uniform Model Could Kick Your School's Uniform Model's Ass

uniform models
uniform models

Who are you taking in that three-way fight?  I'm sorry but I'm laying $5K on the Syracuse guy every time.  Here's why.

1. The UConn guy is out.  His name is Tyler.  It has to be.  He was born to be a Tyler.  And he was also born to wear a UConn uniform.  I say he's on the floor within :30.

2. Texas guy plays baseball.  I'm assuming.  He just looks like a AA baseball player.  They can scrum in large groups but one on one I don't trust him to get it done.  He'll tall and range-y but I think he's stiff (nh).  Get him off his feet and I don't think there's much he can do.  No ground game.  You just gotta wait him out.

3. Syracuse guy looks scrappy.  He's got an arm tattoo for Chrissake!  Tattoo = scrappy.  Unless it's a tribal band.  Then it means the opposite of scrappy.  The key to this fight would be to stay low and I think a ground attack coming from our boy (we'll call him Carl).  Carl is the only one of the three likely to use the arm guard as a weapon, I can sense that.  He's crafty.  And did I mention scrappy?

UConn guy doesn't scare me. 

Texas guy is physically imposing but doesn't strike fear into my heart.

Syracuse guy haunts my dreams.