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You're No Daisy, UConn. You're No Daisy At All.

doc cuse
doc cuse

If you're like me, you're constantly thinking in terms of Tombstone.  Every scenario in life can be boiled down to the fact that you, or Wyatt Earp, have some kind of problem, or, Cowboy Gang, which is causing you issues and you must deal with, or kill, it.  95% of life can be summed up by a Kurt Russell movie.

There's no better example of this than the relationship between Syracuse and UConn.  For years, UConn has been the Johnny Ringo to our Doc Holliday.  They played for blood and for keeps.  They were our huckleberry and we were theirs.  We both spoke Latin to each other in dangerous tones.

This year, however, something changed.  UConn suddenly wasn't wearing it's red sash in quite the same manner.  The desire to kill Mexican grooms on their wedding day was gone, replaced by the want to crawl into a low-rent saloon, far away from the outside world.  The jersey still says UConn but they're not the feared opponent we know.  They're all show now.  They can still boss around the little guy from time to time but we know better.

UConn has turned into Jonny Tyler.  And when it comes to The Mad Cat, Doc Holliday doesn't even bother.

So now, as 23-1 Syracuse welcomes the 14-9 Huskies to the Dome tonight, the Orange might want UConn to skin their smokewagon but the reality is that they're more likely to just stand there and bleed.  That quarter interest in the faro game at The Oriental is ours for the taking, all we need to do is jerk their pistol and go to work (nh). 

And because I know you're wondering...

Curly Bill Brocius (Pitt) - The big, bad heavy the entire time until the end, when he becomes a complete non-factor.

Mr. Fabian (Louisville) - Rode into town with critical acclaim, gunned down by the grittier, meaner locals.

Billy Clanton (Providence) - Name elicits a reaction far more menacing than he actually is.

Virgil Earp (Villanova) - Strong, silent type.  Could probably run things if he wanted but can't get from out the shadow of his brother (SU).

Morgan Earp (South Florida) - Young and dumb, he's proven himself a couple times.  But when it comes down to it, just doesn't have the experience or the gumption.

Sheriff John Behan (St. John's) - City slicker who pretends to belong but is actually way out of his league.

Texas Jack Vermillion (Seton Hall) and Turkey Creek Jack Johnson (West Virginia) - They ain't pretty but these two are always ready for a fight.  Often seen bleeding. 

Deputy Billy Breckinridge (DePaul) - A boy in a man's world. The others just toy with him and no one takes him seriously.

Barnes (Rutgers) - Bit character played by John Corbett.  Always surprising when you remember he's even there.

McMasters (Cincy) - Used to be a real badass.  Tries to atone for past sins, ends up a bloody mess.

Marshall Fred White (Marquette) - Well-meaning and finds limited success at his job for a while.  Lacks the killer instinct needed to survive.

Ike Clanton (Georgetown) - Obviously.

Wyatt Earp (Jim Boeheim) - "From now on I see a red and blue sash with a little doggie on it, I kill the man wearing it. So run you cur. And tell the other curs the law is coming. You tell 'em I'm coming! And Hell's coming with me you hear! Hell's coming with me!"

There are tons of previews and links to share about this one and we'll do that below.  All I can say is that records don't mean much in this one.  UConn needs a win like this to justify it's existence right now.  The Orange want to win to prove they're superior.  They also want to keep the momentum in the series that started with  SU has won games like this all season long.  Let's keep it going...