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Wilner Likes SU, Weiss Doesn't, Up Is Down, Night Is Day...

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A quick perusal of the AP voting results for this week, in which the Syracuse Orange were ranked No. 3 in the nation, reveals some stunning developments about the state of Syracuse-voting-science.

First, the six brave souls who bucked the system and defied corporate America and voted Syracuse No 1.

Jon Wilner, San Jose Mercury News

Joey Johnston, Tampa Tribune

Nick Jezierny, Idaho Statesman

Rick Bozich, Louisville Courier-Journal

Michael Rothstein,

Jason Groves, Las Cruces Sun-News

The most disturbing discovery...Dick Weiss, our initial champion and one true believer, has the Orange fourth.  Fourth!  Only one spot ahead of Georgetown who he puts fifth!  What happened to you, Hoops?  We thought we knew you...

Special shout-out has to go to Jack Bogaczyk of Charleston Daily Mail who puts Villanova first and Syracuse third.  Friggin' West Virginia...