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Syracuse Defeats DePaul, Soiled Orange Laundry Unsoiled


This lovely couple is Nelson (a.k.a. chicagocuse) and his girlfriend.  They attended Saturday's game with a divided loyalties and a even greater prize at stake than just winning a Big East game.  Dirty laundry and the right to sit idly by while the other person handles it all by themselves.

It almost took a permanent press but the Orange were finally able to put DePaul in the spin cycle and hang DePaul out to dry (sorry).  And so, like the Orange, Nelson won his bet.  But it certainly wasn't easy.

It's also good to now know these two because when you watch this video of the end of the game, you'll know who those two screaming lunatics behind the camera are (FF to 1:10 for all of the camera-shaking victory goodness).

Some more goodies from Nelson after the jump...

Just in case you didn't believe that they were tons of Cuse fans in the building (including the nosebleeds)...


A solid panoramic view of the entire Allstate Arena


Wes Johnson caps off the Syracuse rally with a spin move and dunk against DePaul  

Good work, Nelson.  The bar has been raised for SU fans who go to away games.  Everyone is now required to do this.  At the very least.