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Big East Blogger Picks: How'd We Do?

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Before the season, the six Big East football blogs on SB Nation at the time got together and tried to predict how the season would play out. Now that the actual postseason awards are in, it's always fun to look back and see just how horrible wrong we were.

Big East Standings

Bloggers Actual
Pittsburgh (5) UConn
West Virginia West Virginia
Cincinnati Pittsburgh
UConn (1) Syracuse
Rutgers USF
USF Louisville
Syracuse Cincinnati
Louisville Rutgers


So, rough start. Then again, It's not like anyone else did any better.

Oh and that lone UConn vote for No. 1 at the beginning of the year? That came from The UConn Blog. He's a homer, but it turns out he was a correct homer.

Offensive Player of the Year

We Said: Noel Devine, WVU

Actual: Jordan Todman, UConn (Devine just never met the expectations we, uh, expected of him)

Defensive Player of the Year

We Said: Greg Romeus, Pitt

Actual: Jabaal Sheard, Pitt (we got one part right...)

Freshman of the Year

We Said: Demar Dorsey, L'ville

Actual: Hakeem Smith, L'ville (Seriously, we're really good at picking the right teams)

Special Teams Player of the Year

We Said: Rob Long, SU

Actual: Lindsey Lamar, USF

Coach of the Year

We Said: Dave Wannstedt

Actual: Randy Edsall/Charlie Strong (That's what we get for picking Wannstedt to do anything...)

Coach Most Likely To Be A Head Coach In The Big Ten/SEC Next Year:

We Said: Randy Edsall

Actual: Randy Edsall (though it might actually be the ACC he ends up in...)

Coach Most Likely To Be A Coordinator In The MAC Next Year:

We Said: Bill Stewart

Actual: Dave Wannstedt (the guy we picked to be the best is the only one fired...go figure)