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Rick Jackson Moving In On Elite Company

Rick Jackson came into this season with 570 rebounds, which put him at 33rd on the all-time list. This season, he's practically on pace to grab 570 more (slight exaggeration). Considering the pace he's currently on, Jackson has a good chance to end up among the elite all-time rebounders in Syracuse history.

So far this season he's grabbed 115 rebounds to give him a grand total of 685. That puts him at No. 22 just ahead of Damone Brown and right behind Otis Hill.

His current pace is 12.8 rebounds per game. For a second, let's assume he keeps up that crazy pace. With 22 games remaining, he'll end up with roughly 281 more rebounds. That puts him at 965, which would put him at No. 8 all-time. Billy Owens is currently No. 8 with 910 while Roosevelt Bouie rests at No. 7 with 987.

The more likely scenerio is that Jackson's numbers dip a little as the competition heats up and the Big East grind kicks in. So let's say his numbers drop to 10 rebounds per game from here on out. That'll give him another 220 rebounds, for a grand total of 905, still good enough to get to No. 9, just below Billy Owens.

For frame of reference, Arinze Onuaku sits at No. 15 with 813, Paul Harris is No. 14 at 832, Etan Thomas is No. 13 at 847 and Hakim Warrick is No. 4 with 1,024.

Jackson has the chance to put himself among, and pass, some elite company. Still a long way to go but if he can keep it up, he'll end up pretty high in the SU record books.