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Today...Doug Marrone Considers Himself...The Luckiest Syracuse Coach...On The Face Of The Earth

Doug Marrone and Kansas State head coach Bill Snyder took a stroll around Yankee Stadium today as they begin preparations for the New Era Pinstripe Bowl.

Consider Marrone officially giddy:

"To say that we're excited about this game is probably an understatement," Marrone said. "To be able to come back down here from a personal level and truly to come home, I don't know how many coaches have that opportunity."

Marrone was joined by DOC Gross, Kansas State officials and Yankee officials in a kickoff press conference today. Video of the presser is up on (huh?).

And yes, DOC gets a seat closer to the podium than Doug Marrone. Of course he does.

Curious to know how successful everyone expects the Pinstripe Bowl to be in terms of tickets and awareness? The answer is very.

In the weeks before the teams were announced, 32,000 of 50,000 tickets were sold, about half to the Big East and the Big 12. The advance sale, Levine said, is a tribute to the "appeal of Yankee Stadium" — which last hosted a college postseason game, the Gotham Bowl, in 1962. Only 6,166 fans attended in the old stadium. But these are different, much more commercial days; the Yankees are aggressively courting nonbaseball business throughout the year. They sold the title sponsorship to the Pinstripe Bowl to New Era, the cap company, for more than $500,000; an additional $2 million has come from other sponsors, including Hess, Ford, Benjamin Moore and Pepsi, which are also Yankees or Yankee Stadium sponsors. ESPN’s rights fee, in the mid-six figures, adds to the revenue.