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Real Orange Heroes: Kayla Alexander

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With this hubbub over the Syracuse men's basketball team, it's important to remember that we also happen to have a pretty good women's team as well. That gets lost in the shuffle. From time to time, however, a hero reminds us of what we have.

Enter Kayla Alexander. She had a pretty nice week. Over the course of three games, she averaged 20.0 points, 5.7 blocks and 2.3 steals. She scored a career-high twenty-four points against New Hampshire to kick the week off. She followed that up by setting a new career-high of twenty-seven the following game against Maryland Eastern Shore .She followed that up by coming within a shade of a triple-double (nine blocks, nine points, eight rebounds and three steals) against Delaware State.

By the way, Syracuse's scores in those games? 87-46, 73-50 and 87-17. EIGHTY-SEVEN TO SEVENTEEN!

Alexander was named Big East Player of the Week, her first-such nod. She's no one-week wonder, though. Monday night she kept it going with fifteen points, nineteen rebounds and four blocks. Between Rick Jackson and Kayla Alexander, Syracuse is responsible for 87% of all rebounds grabbed this season.*

*possibly untrue

Meanwhile, the Orange are 7-0 and are currently riding a 35 game non-conference home winning streak.

Here's to you, Kayla Alexander. A Real Orange Hero.