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Finally...Lacrosse Comes To SB Nation

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For as long as I've been a part of SB Nation, I've wanted to see a full-fledged lacrosse site on the network. If I had the time, I would have started it up myself. But I'm too busy writing bologna jokes about Doug Marrone, was a dream that remained deferred.

There's good lacrosse coverage out there. Inside Lacrosse does well, the Baltimore Sun's FaceOff is quality stuff and Patrick Steven's D1scourse site is a valuable resource for lacrosse fans, even if it's a little Maryland-heavy (nobody's perfect). I'm sure there are some resources I'm forgetting but most of the other lax news outlets are just link dumps and aggregators. Good, independent commentary is hard to find.

Justin Simon reached out a couple mouths ago to see about writing here on TNIAAM. He had just completed a stint at SU and worked as a student manager for the SU Men's lacrosse team. I asked the obvious question...would you like to run SB Nation's very own lacrosse blog. And the rest was history... made its official debut yesterday to little fanfare across the network. That's fine, lacrosse as a sport has had to make its own way for a long time now. The true fans help keep the sport going. And growing.

So, if you're a lacrosse fan, I implore you to head on over to College Crosse, sign up as a member, introduce yourself, add a FanPost about your lacrosse fandom...whatever you like. This site is going to grow only as much as lax fans make it a part of their day. Justin's going to do a kick-ass job but he'll need your support getting off the ground.

I'll be doing some commentary over there as well from time to time. Eventually it will probably be a good idea to get more than just Syracuse fans lurking, but I'm sure that will happen organically. Lacrosse fans always find a way to make it work.

Check out Justin's intro post or his interview with SU Goalie John Galloway and then start turning this website into a community.