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Doug Marrone's Secretary Votes Well

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What's the over/under of college football games that Doug Marrone watched this season that didn't involve Syracuse or a Syracuse opponent? Ten? Even that feels too high. But that didn't stop Doug's secretary Doug Marrone from voting in the Coaches Poll all season.

With the final ballot of the season, the coaches make their Top 25's public, which is supposed to act as some sort of sign of transparency I suppose. Let's take a look at "Doug's" picks and see how he measures up.

Doug's Top 12 jive with the overall votes, so, he's definitely on point.

Doug's bullish on Nebraska (#14) and South Carolina (#18), both two spots higher than they are in the overall, meaning he's not a big believer in killing teams for Championship Game losses.

A courtesy vote for UConn at #25, Doug, you homer...

For the most part he's right on point with the overall, never straying too far in any one direction. Doug Marrone's coaching poll votes are the kind of votes you can set your watch to.

As for the rest of the Big East coaches, Greg Schiano wisely includes UConn and Charlie Strong puts UConn at #24 even those his team shut them out but Butch Jones does not include them. The league, and the Huskies, will remember that, Butchy.