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The Ten Carrier Dome Commandments - Final Version

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Last week I posed some potential Commandments for Syracuse fans when inside the Carrier Dome. You chimed in with your comments, agreements, disagreements and suggestions. Taking much of that into consideration, I would now like to present to you the official Ten Carrier Dome Commandments.

Feel free to print out 50,000 copies of this and plaster them to every seat in the Dome. I'm pretty sure no one's using the Computer Labs anyway...

So let it be written, so let it be Dome.

The First Commandment - Wear orange. The only acceptable excuse for not wearing orange is by wearing a blue Syracuse jersey or shirt with "Syracuse" or "Orange" in bold, orange lettering.

(Note - some folks tried to make the case that a gray shirt was acceptable and I would like to respond by saying, "No." Some even went as far as to say that gray is an "official" color of Syracuse and should therefore be allowed. I tell you what...I want you to do a random poll of 100 non-Syracuse fans across the country. I want you to ask them what the official colors of Syracuse are. If even one of them says gray, you can change the commandment. You know why? BECAUSE NO ONE ASSOCIATES GRAY WITH SYRACUSE. ONLY DUMB-ASS NIKE BASKETBALL JERSEY DESIGNERS.)

The Second Commandment - Never start and/or continue a Wave. Leave that in 1986 where it belongs.

The Third Commandment - If you think the situation calls for it, make noise. If you're not sure if the situation calls for it, make noise. Addendum: Do NOT make noise when Syracuse is on offense and the quarterback is trying to call a play and/or a Syracuse player is at the free-throw line. I shouldn't have to explain that to you, but, here we are...

The Fourth Commandment - Do not worry about what the fans behind you or in your section are doing. Worry about yourself, everyone else knows what to do. I assure you they did not appoint or elect you in any fashion. Just because your parents didn't give you enough attention when you were younger, that doesn't mean we want to.

The Fifth Commandment - Vary your scream, yells and cheers. Catchphrases tend to get old when you've screamed them after every play for three hours.

The Sixth Commandment - If you are a student at Syracuse University, you must attend all football & basketball games (and some lacrosse games). If you cannot abide by these rules, please transfer. Addendum: It wouldn't kill you to attend some soccer, field hockey, ice hockey, volleyball and softball games either)

The Seventh Commandment - Do not boo the home team, no matter how bad things are getting. It never, ever reflects well on you. Sooner or later, the team will cease the activity that caused you to boo and you will feel bad.

The Eighth Commandment - Boo the crap out of our opponent. Especially if they are Georgetown, UConn or Rutgers.

The Ninth Commandment - Respect the value of rushing the field/court. It should be saved for momentous upsets and amazing last-chance plays that have a legitimate effect on the season. Addendum: There is no hard and fast rule for court-rushing (despite what many will tell you. How you decide to do it should be a gut feeling. You just know id and when it's the right thing to do.

The Tenth Commandment - Have some fun, will you? You like sports, don't you? This is enjoyable, yes? Act like it...G'ORANGE!