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Syracuse Basketball: Fun With Anagrams

via <a href="">StrawHatGuy</a>
via StrawHatGuy

With the discovery that Scoop Jardine's perfect anagram name is Jade Scorpion, it got me thinking...what are some of the other anagram nicknames we're missing out on? Let's investigate:

Kris Joseph

Anagram Nickname: Jokers Ship (Menacing if you're thinking Heath Ledger's Joker. Not at all menacing if you're thinking Jack Nicholson's)

Rick Jackson

Anagram Nickname: Cock Skin Jar (Giggled for at least ten minutes straight after seeing this. I implore you to start yelling it during games.)

Brandon Triche

Anagram Nickname:  The Rabid Cornn (doesn't entirely make sense, but then again neither does the way Triche has been playing this year)

Honorable Mention: Hot Crab Dinner (H/T: ForthCountry)

Dion Waiters

Anagram Nickname: Saint Wierdo (H/T: ForthCountry)

Fab Melo

Anagram Nickname: Lamb Foe (You've heard the sating "Lions for Lambs?" He's the Lion)

Baye Moussa Keita

Anagram Nickname: A Beauties Mask, Yo (Honestly, I was already calling him that anyway)

James Southerland

Anagram Nickname: Jolt, A Hardness Emu (Perfect name for a Saturday morning cartoon as well)

Mookie Jones

Anagram Nickname: Noisome Joke (Seems mean, but, it was it is)

C.J. Fair

Anagram Nickname: No anagrams found (which also works as his nickname...there is no anagram to contain him).

Brandon Reese

Anagram Nickname: Tie between Seaborne Nerd,  Bean Endorser and Ensnared Bore. (I'm fine with any of them)

Jim Boeheim

Anagram Nickname: I Jibe Em Ohm (He really does)

Daryl Gross

Anagram Nickname: Lardy Gross (/GIGGLE)